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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning Organization

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Definition of Learning Organization
  • An organization which has developed the capacity to adapt and change on a continual basis is called a learning organization.
  • Organizations learn (just as individuals learn).
  • Some organizations are better in learning than the others.
  • Learning organizations can face the challenges arising out of unpredictable and ever changing business environment more effectively.
  • For existence and growth of an organization learning has become imperative.

Loop Learning

Single loop learning: Error correction process is based on past procedures and current policies in most of the organizations.

Double loop learning: In learning organizations, double loop learning is used. Error correction process involves the modification of organizational objectives, policies and procedures. The existing paradigms are challenged and it makes way for radical thinking and problem solving resulting in quantum jump improvements.

Three Fundamental Traditional Problems

Fragmentation: Expertise based departments and working create vertical silos in the organizations and each silo acts as a fiefdom. One fiefdom often conflicts with the other fiefdom.

Competition: Over emphasized competition gets reflected to show one-upmanship between the managers and the departments. So, instead of team work and knowledge sharing, there is constant struggle to beat the other in competition.

Reactiveness: This is the cause for putting out fires in the organization rather than finding permanent creative solutions and continuous improvements.

Profile of Learning Organization

The characteristics of a learning organization are:

  1. Shared vision: Existence of a shared vision agreed by all.
  2. Mental models: Discarding of the old paradigms or patterns of thinking and practices.
  3. Systems Thinking: Organizational processes, functions, tasks, activities and interactions with the environment are thought as a part of system of interrelations.
  4. Openness: Open communication without fear of criticism and punishment across vertical and horizontal boundaries.
  5. Team work and team learning: Personal self interest and departmental interests are subordinate to functional and cross functional team work to achieve shared vision of the organization.
  6. Personal mastery: It is the discipline of continually clarifying and deepening of an individual's personal vision, of focusing the energy, of developing patience and of seeing reality objectively. An organization's commitment to and capacity for learning can be no greater than that of it's members.

How to Convert an Organization into a Learning Organization?

  • Establish a commitment: Make strategy to change, innovate and for continual improvement.
  • Organization structure re-design: Introduce boundary less, cross functional, interdependent team work.
  • Energise organization's Culture: To inculcate the spirit of a learning organization, introduce, by way of walking the talk, a culture of calculated risks, openness, growth and constructive discontent among the members of the organization.

Seven Learning Disabilities

  • I am my position.
  • The enemy is out there.
  • The illusion of taking charge.
  • The fixation on events (not on the longer term patterns of change, which are normally gradual and slower).
  • The parable of the boiled frog (frog's internal apparatus for sensing threats to survival is geared to sudden changes in his environment, not to slow gradual changes).
  • The delusion of learning from experience (experiential learning has limitations).
  • The myth of the management team (is there a real team in position?)

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